We WANT Partisanship, but Without the Gridlock

Susan Collins is, like much of the DC establishment, spinning her way out of touch with the American public.  I caught this quote at the end of a Boston Globe article:

“I think one of the messages that the voters sent last fall that Congress has not heeded is that they’re tired of partisan gridlock. They want us to work together, and they want us to get things done,” said Collins.

We want congress to get our things done.  Partisan gridlock is only a problem because those other people, from that other party, are getting in our way!  On the Iraq war, the American people want out.  Right now it is a question of gridlock, and it is the Republicans who are opposing efforts to address the war in Iraq who are the problem.  The lack of progress isn’t a bipartisan issue.  It is a uniquely Republican issue, and the Republicans are on the opposite side of the public and the majority of Congress.

Reid made the tough decision we’ve been asking him to make all along, to scrap compromises and half-attempts and put everything into getting meaningful legislation passed.  Compromise bills and rehearsed appeals to ending “partisan gridlock” are not what we the voters called for last fall.  We called for peace.  We called for an end to the Iraq war.