Republican Leader McConnell vs Logic

In all the reporting about the Democrats high profile stand against the Republicans, one little gem of a logical fallacy almost slipped through the cracks. Here, in vibrant full color, is that fallacy. From the NYT:

But the Republican minority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said the Democrats’ arguments were illogical, given that they had voted to confirm Gen. David H. Petraeus as the American commander in Iraq and thus, implicitly at least, had voted to give the administration strategy a chance to succeed.

His imaginary proof goes something like this:

  • If you confirmed Petraeus, you voted to let the administration pursue their latest strategy
  • The Dems voted to confirm Petraeus
  • !OMG! The Dems voted to let the administration pursue their latest strategy!

The problem with his reasoning is a bit obvious. Voting to put a qualified General in charge in Iraq is a common sense move to try to improve things. The Democrats, even those who opposed the war, desperately want the country to improve. If it does not, they know that the social and economic cost to this country will be devastating, and the smoking hole left in the middle east will further destabilize the region. Both of these results are to be opposed in as effectively as possible, hence the drive to bring the troops home. The vast majority of Iraqis do not want us there. Right now, aside from being targets, our troops are playing into the hands of the insurgents just by being there. In addition, removing troops is not a flash-bang it’s done proposition. It takes considerable planning and skill, all the more reason to have a good General in place.

The idea that the Democrats gave Bush a blank check to is ridiculous, prefacing that claim upon the confirmation of Petraeus is even more egregious.

Right now there are rumblings about a second surge. Even if Mitch McConnell’s faulty logic made sense, it would still not bind the actions of the Democrats on withdrawal. Bush has already pursued his strategy for turning the war around. The surge. It has failed.

For all the talk of how Republicans are criticizing the President, none of the newly vocal are taking action to stop him from further endangering our country and an entire region of the world. The Democrats are. The Republican minority leader would do well to follow the leadership of the Democrats on this one, and vote on a date to bring our troops home.


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  1. It’s just part of the typical all or nothing mindset that the GOP has shot themselves in the foot with time and time again. Much like Lex Luther…they never seem to learn their lesson.

  2. “The Republican minority leader would do well to follow the leadership of the Democrats on this one, and vote on a date to bring our troops home.” Is this and the sleep over that didn’t really happen all smoke. The Majority has the right and perceived calling/duty to stop the funding. They could stop the funding immediately or in scheduled stages allowing for the gradual pull out/surrender/redeployment/ whatever you see fit to call it.Alas they are all show, not leadership.

  3. McConnell was beyond irritating. Not only was his logic flawed but he hammered on the same thing over and over. I was most irritated with his ranting of political theater and Hollywood stunts. I don’t find death entertaining.

    The GOP has become the party of quips, lies and misleading statement. They have complete disregard for the value of what the democrats are trying to accomplish. McConnell seems to have the same lines as Bush and as a leaders they are both taking the GOP down the wrong path.

    Had the bill pasted, it would not take effect until October after Petraeus report and the planning is far beyond that. After the N.I.E. report today, It would not shock me one bit if Petraeus report supports what the Democrats and N.I.E. are saying.

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