Because the First Surge Worked So Well

The Washington Post is reporting plans for another surge in Iraq:

Gen. Peter Pace, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says that the Joint Chiefs may consider increasing the current level of U.S. forces in Iraq. You heard that right: Come September, we could be looking at Surge II.

Where are these troops going to come from?

The political cost to Republicans of Bush’s continued insanity is harsh.  From DemFromCT (DailyKos):

Republicans are feeling the heat. From the LA Times:

Republicans say they hope passion about the Iraq war will cool by the time 2008 ballots are cast. But they acknowledge that if the election were held tomorrow, the war would be a ball and chain around the GOP ankle.

This is inconsistent with the reality of the war:

What the press simply won’t write is that Iraq is not going to get better, and there’s zero chance Bush will change course without being forced to.

The Republicans have their head deep in the ground on this one.  Come 2008, barring successful heroic efforts by the Democrats to end the war, this ball and chain will be even heavier.  Meanwhile this war continues to be a bloody burden around the neck of America.  The Republicans are working overtime to keep the war alive and thwart any attempts to end it:

Why are Republicans in the Senate obstructing an up or down vote on ending the disastrous war in Iraq? They are threatening to filibuster a measure that a majority of the Senate supports that would set a date to begin bringing American troops home. The last time that conservatives thought it was crucial to use obstructionist tactics all night long to tie up legislation was 1964 when the fought tooth and nail against Civil Rights Act.

Republicans are playing Nero fiddling around with stalling tactics while Iraq burns and American troops die.

Thankfully the Democrats are fighting back:

Thank God that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling their bluff. He has said that he will have cots brought into the Senate chamber and keep senators in session all night long if needed to get a vote on troop withdrawal. This is the kind of gutsy move needed to show the public just how out of touch the Republicans have become and how they are working to defeat any effort to bring the war to an end.

Back to the second surge:

Here’s how it could happen: In September, Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker produce their “report” to Congress. President Bush then ponders the options. (And we know he isn’t going to throw in the towel.) And then the case is made — and there is a certain logic to it — that keeping forces at the same or higher levels would help the U.S. and Iraq reach their goals more quickly.

So one option then would be Surge II. These guys have guts.

That same twisted reasoning will never let us out of Iraq.  That’s not guts, it is fullblown DSM-IV psychosis: utterly detached from reality and unable to function in society.  Petraeus has said that force alone will not end the conflict.  Another surge will do nothing other than prolong the war and put more people’s lives in danger.

Bush and his Republican cronies will not give this up without a fight.  It is all the more urgent that we bring that fight to them and do not let up.  We need to end this war and bring our troops home.


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  1. There is no way whatsoever for the Republicans to justify the refusal to allow an up or down vote to bring our troops home. Their are showing clearly that they have nothing but contempt for our troops.

    Even as Bush and the Iraqi parliament are planning to take the month of August off for vacation, our soldiers are still stuck in Iraq fighting an unnecessary war.

  2. Its a crass political play. They are worried about how they will look when they vote against bringing the troops home. That vote should be roll call.

    Bush is a sick sick joke.

  3. Of course, the Democrats could have stopped funding the war immediately upon entering into their majority, but did not.

    I’m no fan of the Republicans, either. Traitors, all of them.

    To me, there are no longer the old Left and Right divisions, the old Democrat / Republican divide. Now it is the War Party and the Peace Party. The War Party wants to increase the size of government, increase taxation, spend more, bomb more, conquer more, defeat more, spy more, and profit more (and oh yes precious they profit).

    Two guesses what the Peace Party wants.

    Please cast your vote accordingly.

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