Who Needs a @&#*@ Press Department?

Not when you’re on the straight talk express baby!  (Being almost out of cash probably helps too).

Shakes has the details:

Chris Cillizza reports in The Fix: “In a widely expected move, Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) press department resigned en masse today.”

Did you get that? His entire press department resigned.

Perhaps the best part?  Spinning this as “widely expected”.  Yeah, that softens the blow.  Why hasn’t this occured to Bush’s handlers?  I can see it now:

In a widely expected move, the US has failed to meet most of a self-set series of benchmarks on Iraq, Bush said.

Brilliant!  Shake’s enthusiasm is infectious:

McCain’s campaign just keeps getting awesomer and awesomer.

In fact, that campaign has been so HOTT for so long, that I’m pretty sure it’s time to stick a fork in that turkey. Cuz it’s done.

He’s hunkering down and campaigning in three states.  At this point John McCain isn’t even a runner.


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  1. Some folks seriously miscalculated the public opinion of their immigration ideas.

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