Tony Snow Wins the Awesome Award

Tony Snow on the ex Surgeon General’s claim politics came before science in the Bush administration:

Tony Snow, the White House press secretary, said Wednesday of Dr. Carmona’s testimony: “Nobody, as far as I could tell, was muzzling him. But on the other hand, there is certainly nothing scandalous about saying to somebody who was a presidential appointee, ‘You should advocate the president’s policies.’ ”

So on the one hand, politics played no role.  On the other hand, what’s wrong with that?

Its tough to pick a favorite Bush administration press secretary, but at the very least Tony deserves some kind of award for that statement.


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  1. Out of the revolving door of press secretaries, I like Tony the best. He can be very clever with his verbage, almost amusing as he tries to make sense of his incompetent boss.

  2. Another humdiger of a snowjob! The Press must be loving those.

  3. And amusing as he jumps over himself trying to make sense of his boss to the reporters. I don’t think the press has really seized upon this one yet.

  4. I think the press likes and respects Tony too much to jump on him for some of the crap he espouses.

  5. Good point. When I become President my press secretary will be a yellow lab puppy named “Sargeant Fluffles”. He’d be almost as great as Tony at taking questions, and possibly even more beloved by the press.

  6. I like that…a yellow lab.

    Feel free to borrow my avatar, she is very friendly and does talk a bit much.

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