Tancredo, the NAACP and Expectations

Tancredo is getting accolades just for showing up to speak to the NAACP:

“Do you think we should wait a few minutes to see if these other guys show up?” Tancredo said, drawing a big laugh from the crowd. “Do they know something I don’t know, is that it? I think actually I know something that they don’t know.”

That line drew a loud cheer from the audience, clearly appreciative that Tancredo had bothered to show up.

No word on what the reaction to his speech was.  Just that “wow, a Republican showed up to talk to a liberal organization”.  The only info given on what he said:

He used his opening remarks to talk about his signature issue, illegal immigration, and how it was hurting American workers, and especially African-American workers. Tancredo said he gets “insulted” every time he hears that illegal immigrants are working jobs American citizens won’t take.

Yet the post mentions nothing about how an ostensibly liberal organization reacted to those remarks.  Just praise for having “bothered to show up”.  The language right at the start suggests this is a bit of cheerleader fluff (emphasis mine):

But don’t tell that to US Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado, the lone GOP candidate to appear this morning at the NAACP’s annual convention in Detroit.

“But don’t tell that to Representative Johnny!  That red-blooded maverick will have none of that “inside the beltway” conventional thinking driving his campaign.  No sir!”.  This is little more than “golly gee” reporting at its finest.

Ever since Bush, damning with faint praise has been an exercise in futility.  Exceeding expectations has gone from clearing a low hurdle to a newsworthy leap of Olympian proportions.


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  1. Smart politics, go to a liberal organization that was set up to defend a specific minorities rights and then pin them against other minorities. Divide and conquer. Lou Dobbs did the same thing a few weeks ago when he had an all black to discuss immigration.

    “Lookit I ain’t racist at all! I have a black friend to prove it!”

  2. I was a little disappointed that Ron Paul didn’t attend this thing. Black folks have been shepherded into the Democratic Party for too long, and it’s never solved any of their problems. I really think Ron Paul’s answer at the debates re: gays was especially pertinent, that we should be treating everyone as individuals, and stop dividing along racial lines (or at least end government sanction / encouragement of those divisions).

    Hopefully it was just a scheduling conflict. My experience with black workers though (on construction sites in Birmingham, AL) showed me they loathed, even HATED, Mexicans. With a passion. Tancredo might be playing to a receptive audience.

  3. Rafael,
    Divide and conquer is very smart politics. Looking at the politics of gay bashing vs civil rights is another great example of conservatives pulling this off.

    Given Ron Paul’s troublesome positions on issues regarding civil rights and crime, he’d have faced very tough questions. It would have spoken highly of the man if he went to face them. Its not too late for that.

    One important thing to remember about the Democrats is that for all the criticism, they try. Its hard to make progress on civil rights, health care, and education when you have Republicans trying to privatize or eliminate at every step.

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