Our Road to Concentration Camps

Those two words “Concentration Camps”, have such power. It is important to handle them with care. It is of devastating importance that we take the dire warnings and examples of history to heart. “Never Again” is a battle cry within the soul of humanity, and one of the obstacles it is meant to overcome is the “It can never happen here” mentality.

We must understand that we are already becoming a nation of the incarcerated. We must watch out for threats of martial law and the creation of large holding centers. In an extremely hard hitting piece, Mirth writes:

Chertoff has a “gut feeling” that terrorists will strike here this summer. Bush recently declared that in such an event a US shadow government could declare martial law and seize all authority over us.

The FEMA camps should really be more of a concern.

Remember the FEMA detention camps located throughout the United States? There are more than 800 of them, fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. I suspect that you, like me, do not believe they were created in case the government decides to round up illegal immigrants, as their first purpose was described, but we can believe the secondary reason given, that being (although barely acknowledged) they will be used in the event martial law is declared.

That’s Eight Hundred of these:

The camps should be shut down. Where are all the outraged politicians fighting for our rights and our freedom?

These ready ‘n waiting FEMA camps are an abomination and it does not take a conspiracist to see their potential and to ask why the Dem Congress has not addressed their funding and their continued existence. It is also reasonable to ask why not one candidate for president has spoken against these camps and their looming threat to the citizens of the United States.

So with a calm but firm conviction, we need to ask those who represent us to represent us on this. And in their silence we need to speak up. This is a matter of civic responsibility and prudence. If we take action, we can work to ensure it never becomes anything more.


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  1. Thank you for giving recognition to my post and for advancing the discussion.
    The stage has been set. The Executive has seized unprecedented power, the Legislative has capitulated to it, the Judicial supports it, and we citizens stand ready to give approval to it with votes for those only marginally different than what has been our fate for the last 6 years. It remains to be seen if we are worthy of our freedoms.

  2. Of course! Thanks for writing your post on this very important topic. It is far too risky and unsettling for us all to ignore. The combination of the impending loss of power by the Bush administration, the ability to declare martial law, and vastly expanded capabilities to detain citizens should all be thoughtfully examined. To be other than cautious isn’t an option.

  3. An important question to be asked of every candidate for president is if they will restore a balance of power between the Executive/Legislative/Judicial.

  4. Nobody has any credible answer to that question except Ron Paul.

    And I agree, it is important.

  5. Indeed, to be asked of every candidate.

    I did a quick search for Ron Paul, Obama, Edwards, and came up with nothing on this (save for some Ron Paul supporters and Democratic activists suggesting we need to get the candidates to address this). If you can find some quote that suggests a position on these camps, please pass it on.

  6. Sadly, the people that represent us are the same people who built these camps. Writing to them might only serve to illustrate that we’re waking up.

  7. Alexia,
    I think it is clear that we are waking up already. It is more important to be dressed and ready than it is to be quiet getting out of bed.

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