McCain’s Aides: Fired or Quit?

McCain’s top 2 aides are out:

Republican John McCain’s top two aides quit his struggling presidential bid on Tuesday, dealing a sharp blow to the Arizona senator and casting the future of his 2008 campaign in doubt.

Pretty harsh for a campaign already being widely cast as dead in the water.  But wait, here’s Karen Tumulty from Time’s blog:

UPDATE: This statement from McCain:

ARLINGTON, VA – U.S. Senator John McCain issued the following statement today:”Today, John Weaver and Terry Nelson offered their resignations from my presidential campaign, which I accepted with regret and deep gratitude for their dedication, hard work and friendship. Terry is a consummate professional, who has ably lead this campaign through a challenging political environment. John Weaver has been my friend and trusted counselor for many years and to whom I am greatly indebted. In the days and weeks ahead this campaign will move forward, and I will continue to address the issues of greatest concern to the American people, laying out my vision for a secure and prosperous America.”

Shorter version: “I fired them.”

So which is it?  Did two experienced political advisors quit a campaign in free fall, or did McCain fire two aides for failing to deliver?  Given the sorry state of fundraising for the campaign:

McCain announced last week he had raised a disappointing $11.2 million over the past three months, placing him third in the Republican money race and prompting firings and pay cuts in the McCain camp.

He also reported he had a paltry $2 million in cash on hand, prompting a flood of criticism and questions about spending and strategy within his campaign.

It seems far more likely they quit.  In the context of recent firings and money problems, the resignation of two first mates does not bode well for a sinking ship.


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  1. Its the burn rate. Where is all the money going to. Me thinks something stinks in the state of McCain.

  2. The Crackpot Express has run off its tracks.

    Expect McCain to drop out of the race by Labor Day. He can resume his real job and that is whoring his mug on cable news every chance he gets.

  3. I don’t know if its so much corruption as incompetence that accounts for the massive burn rate.

    I’d also wonder about him dropping out. He is scaling down his campaign to just the primary states. He could be trying to pull a Kucinich or a Ron Paul and just get his ideas out there. But then again, other people do “suck up to Bush” better than him, so its not like there’s no one else filling that role.

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