That Eliminationist Demographic

XicanoPwr digs into an offensive ad:

There seems to be an offensive ad running loose around the net called “Shoot The Rapper!” The advertisement features an animated rapper that resembles 50 Cent and a photographer whose camera you have to position to “shoot the rapper.” If you can, “You will win $5000 or 5 ringtones guaranteed.”

The advertisers are playing a clever game here:

Even though a camera is used to “shoot” the rapper and not the “gun” one would expect, the desired effect is to trigger a perception in which the person assumes a weapon would be used if they click the ad. Considering a camera is used when they actually play the game, the advertising company actually played on an average person’s own prior conditioning and frame of reference with the use of the cross hairs, which is the trigger that actually fools the person.

Here’s a fun experiment.  Head down to the old psycho-linguistics laboratory.  Here’s the basic method:  Show a slide for a short interval before showing participants either a picture of a gun, or a picture of an elephant.  For the slide, show either this ad, a picture of a watermelon, or a shot of an actual photographer snapping a photo of a celebrity.  Track recognition time for that sentence.  I’ll bet you find that time significantly decreases for the picture of the gun with the slide containing the advertisement.  I’ll bet an off the cuff experiment like this has been repeated a number of times with increasing sophistication by marketing firms.  When you engage in good marketing, you don’t shoot blind.

The key to a good hit is twofold.  Find an existing hook to grab onto, and create a firm and lasting impression.  Its the hook that interests us here.  What are the marketers aiming at?


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  1. What the fuck are you talking about?

  2. Ether,
    I’m saying that the use of the crosshair and the word shoot with a rapper who resembles a guy who was shot has a pretty clear subtext. The ad invites us to join in. For this to work, there has to be a “target” already out there for the advertisers to appeal to. So what interests me is what the people behind this ad were aiming for.

  3. Why was this in your “racism” folder in photobucket, you racist fuck?

  4. Aperson – Reading the above post will answer your polite question.

  5. On second thought, that is probably a bit too taxing for you.
    The advertisement above is racist, and I was discussing why it was.

  6. Yeah, because criticizing racist is now the new racism. The wonders never cease.

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