Deporting Women Was Never This Easy!

Want to deport someone?  Why not just abuse them?  (Feministing via August):

Broadsheet has the unfortunate news that an amendment may be tacked on to the immigration bill that would make women’s immigration status known to federal authorities if they report domestic violence to local police.

Ann (Feministing) spells out the implications:

Immigrant women are more likely to face additional language and cultural barriers to reporting domestic violence and accessing services. They are more likely to be isolated and abused economically, and many of their abusers use deportation as a threat. So without the special protections in VAWA, it’s a safe assumption that these women would be even less likely to report domestic violence

It is important to understand that laws can be acts of violence.  The ammendment by Senators Norm Coleman and Pete Domenici (both Republican) puts women at risk.  For all the battered women who will be deported, there will be many more who will “be even less likely to report domestic violence”.

That’s more women who will continue to suffer.  More women who are at risk of deadly violence.  More women whose children may also be at risk.

This makes abuse easier for the criminals, and harder to escape for the victims.

All so two assholes can feel better about being “tough on immigration”.

August notes the two Senators are up for re-election next year.  Let’s see how well they run on a pro-abuse platform.


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  1. Nice way to enable sexual slavery and domestic abuse. The Moral Majority my ass!

  2. That phrase makes me so angry. They don’t have a fucking clue about morality or ethics.

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