Edwards Supports Open Source Voting

And paper trails, and the medicine we need to make voting in this country trustworthy again.  Slashdot:

goombah99 writes “John Edwards, the presidential candidate and lawyer, is standing out from the pack by showing himself to be a bit tech savvy. In 2003 he was a guest host on Lawrence Lessig’s Blog, giving his view on the imbalance between property right protection and the good of public access. As of this week he has become the first presidential candidate to support ‘open source code’ for election systems in addition to voter verified paper records. He’s even personally using Twitter. ‘Currently, software used in election systems remains the proprietary property of vendors. This situation has created a continual problem when anomalous results have been reported and independent experts are denied the ability to review how the systems work. A growing body of critics oppose this privatization of the voting system.'”

An open government is essential to the healthy functioning of a democracy.  One candidate just put a huge feather in his cap.  Edwards is looking better and better:

John Edwards followed Coulter a day later and said that we need to fight back against attacks like Ann’s on Hardball.

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JOHN EDWARDS:  I applaud Elizabeth.  I think that when people like Ann Coulter—and it‘s not just her, unfortunately, it‘s her and people just like her, Karl Rove and all those people.  I mean, when they engage us in this kind of hate-mongering, you have to stand up to them.  You have to stand up to them.

They start this fight, but we have to be willing to be strong and to fight back because if we don‘t, Chris, what happens is all the important things—men and women dying in Iraq, those who don‘t have health insurance, et cetera, their issues don‘t get heard.  Instead, it‘s this—it‘s this low-level dialogue with this name-calling, which is what we see.

Plus Edwards might just possibly make bathtime so much fun.


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  1. Ann Coulter is really ugly. Do people think she is hot? It is mind boggling why anyone listens to her drivel.

  2. And to be on topic, I think taking voting open source might be really great. Of course, if you start complaining about Diebold manipulation, does that de facto make you a conspiracy nut? 🙂 Welcome to the club, I’ll send you your aluminum foil hat.

  3. Bret, her looks are of no concern, but seeing her drivel made legitimate up on the major stations is angering. They offer it the slightest shred of legitimacy.

  4. Dear Anni redefines the old cliche….”Beauty is skin deep….”

  5. Are you people that stupid? Did you see what she said? She did not say anything out of the way at all. She said that since Bill Maher said he wished the Vice President was killed in a terriost act, and main stream media did not even report it, then she would be ok in saying she wished John Edwards was killed in a terriost plot. She said this because she called him a fag earlier, and the media went bizerk, but said nothing about Maher. She was making a comparison. Just like leberials, you practice deceit. Try to be truthful in the future.

  6. Rafael, embodies
    I wasn’t aware of Maher’s comments. I do know that Ann repeatedly makes “comparisons” and “jokes” about how liberals should be killed. It gets old real fast, and bravo to Elizabeth and John Edwards for calling her out on it.

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