New Driving Tax: Virginia Lawmakers Are Strange

I saw this in Leesburg Today, and I just had to add my two cents (emphasis mine):

Rust also explained that the law applies to Virginia residents only because of a constitutional issue that prevents the state from imposing civil remedial penalties on nonresidents. Loudoun’s legislative liaison, Eric Link, surmised the issue involves the fact that driving is considered a privilege in Virginia to residents, while out-of-state drivers, have a right to be on the road; however, he had not consulted with legislators about that.

Wow. In Virginia, your rights are our privileges.

Del. Tom Rust (R-86), who authored the abusive driver legislation with Del. Dave Albo (R-42), said the objections to the fees have only surfaced recently, while the idea of the fees has been floating around the state for more than two years.

“Never did anybody show up and raise any of these objections,” Rust said, referring to the time during which the General Assembly considered the fees and took public comment. “We didn’t hear from anybody.”

Isn’t it strange that people are more likely to object to the laws they hear about in the news?

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