Giuliani’s Partisan Problem with National Security

Rudy Giuliani has proclaimed that he made a mistake in joining (and not attending) the Iraq Study Group (hat tip Majikthise).  He was perhaps unintentionally revealing:

Giuliani said the main reason he quit was that it “didn’t seem that I would really be able to keep the thing focused on a bipartisan, nonpolitical resolution.” [AP]

This tells us two things.  First, that Giuliani considers “bipartisan, nopolitical” resolutions to be a good and necessary thing.  Second, that he does not think he can provide such a resolution (at least when it comes to questions of war and national security).

With arguments like this, who needs opponents?


2 Responses

  1. I think people are finally starting to realize that Mr. 9/11 does not deserve to be famous, much less President. I mean, even Reagan called him crazy.

    Clearly, he is dead in the water.

  2. I hope so. He has some pretty awful ideas about rights and such.

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