New American Media and Hamas: Misleading Title

Misleading article titles are worth pointing out.

In an article by Jamal Dajani, titled Denied Legitimacy by Vote, Hamas Wins it by Force:

Though Hamas won elections in January 2006, its efforts to govern have been stymied by international sanctions against the Palestinian government and a crippling Israeli siege. On the other hand, Fatah instead of responding to its electoral loss by bringing in new leadership and weaning itself away from corruption has spent its time conspiring to overthrow Hamas.

Hamas, denied the legitimate victory it won in the elections, was not allowed to govern. Now it has won a military victory — with bullets. Yet what led to this was a prolonged Israeli occupation and siege, the international community’s indifference to a starving Palestinian population, and the systematic weakening of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Hamas wasn’t denied legitimacy by the vote, they were granted it.  And this can’t refer to Fatah (who was denied legitimacy, but failed to win power).

It creates a false impression of the events in the Middle East, and should be corrected.

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