Gay Bomb and Other Great Military Research

The US military put real money into researching the plausibility of a Gay Bomb.

This is a wise use of their infinite supply of American dollars (Ten Percent):

Global military spending rose 3.5 percent last year to $1.2 trillion as U.S. costs for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan mounted, a European research body said on Monday in an annual study.

But the great ideas don’t stop with the obsessive Gay Bomb.  Sources close to the pentagon confirm work on an non-Christian bomb, which would turn military targets into non-believers, thus assuring God is completely on our side.  Research halted when it was revealed our targets already were unbelievers, and in fact that was part of the motivation for our glorious war in the first place.


3 Responses

  1. Notice how they ditched the low IQ bomb as it would wipe out all senior politicians instantly. Same with the criminal bomb. And the liar bomb. And the bastard bomb. I’ll stop now.

  2. No need RickB, you’ve only scratched the surface of our military R&D budget.

  3. RickB,

    HAHAHAHAHA! They need an IQ bomb to drop on Washington DC to knock some sense into these morons we keep electing to office.

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