Pardon Romney’s Credibility

Digby, in a piece that also takes Rudy to task, really slams Mitt Romney’s credibility into the ground.  Romney made a point of not pardoning anyone, so he could say we should leave justice “up to juries”.  Not even a decorated Iraq War vet whose crime entailed shooting another kid with a bb gun when he was 13!

When talking with Wolf Blitzer about Scooter Libby, suddenly Mitt Romney is in favor of pardons.  For the lying scoundrel who helped out an active CIA agent working on weapons intelligence, and who took the legal fall for Cheney and Rove.  He’d pardon that guy.

Romney’s major obstacle during the campaign season is his credibility.  He is at war with his past, a past that got him elected governor of Massachusetts, but would not play with his targeted national audience.  As Joan Vennochi writes:

The good news for Romney?

The test for his presidential quest isn’t going to be whether he is conservative enough.

The bad news?

The test is whether he is trustworthy enough. How much trust can Republican primary voters reasonably invest in a politician who changed so many positions? How good is Romney’s word today?

This is bad news for a candidate who is so badly out of step with his own words and actions.  Changing your position to reflect new wisdom and experience is highly desirable in a candidate.  But changing your opinions quickly and transparently to cater to a specific audience is obvious, and op ed columnists and bloggers aren’t the only people who pick up on it.  Voters will, and quickly.

His position on pardons is nakedly self serving.  Pardon a political operative who played ball and outed an active agent who served the public, but don’t pardon a war vet whose dream is to become a police officer, and continue to serve the public.

If Romney were to get into office, which Romney would America have elected, and which Romney will actually serve out his term?  The only Romney who is actually running:  The salesman.


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