Zuzu Leaves Feministe

Majikthise:  Feministe loses powerful voice.

Zuzu will be missed.  Why is she leaving?

It’s something I’ve been considering for a while. Recent events have just confirmed what I’ve been feeling for a while, that “the personal is political” can sometimes get really, really personal. Especially on a high-traffic blog.

Perhaps, then, this is an apt example of how Zuzu was able to pack a lot of rhetorical power into a small space (via Boston Progressive):

Shorter Kos: She was asking for death threats, which she probably made up.

Via Jessica.

That’s the entire post.   Effective, isn’t it?

What also appears to be effective is the tactic of engaging in personal attacks and intimidation to silence social critics.

I am saddened to see Zuzu leave, and hope to see a hundred new eloquent feminist voices spring up in her place.

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