Fox News for All Your Paris Hilton Needs

Apparently Fox News has decided Paris Hilton’s escapades deserve an entire section of their site (Overcompensating):

Between the Space Shuttle launches and presidential near-hangovers, I almost missed the opening of Fox News’ new Paris Hilton Center. In other news FOX NEWS HAS WHOLE F*CKING SECTION OF THEIR WEBSITE DEDICATED SOLELY TO PARIS HILTON. Anyone who still takes this “news” organizion seriouzly needs to be tested for rabies.

Contrast that with their war coverage (Forbes):


On a winter day when bomb blasts at an Iraqi university killed dozens and the United Nations estimated that 34,000 civilians in Iraq had died in 2006, MSNBC spent nearly nine minutes on the stories during the 1 p.m. hour. A CNN correspondent in Iraq did a three-minute report about the bombings.

Neither story merited a mention on Fox News Channel that hour.

That wasn’t unusual. Fox spent half as much time covering the Iraq war than MSNBC during the first three months of the year, and considerably less than CNN, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Between their priorities and their continual and suspect mistakes, it should be crystal clear that Fox News is not a serious news organization.


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  2. I couldn’t tell with any epistemic certainty if this was satire, serious, or some strange mix, but it was so deliciously over the top it cracked me up, and I had to share.

  3. The site this guy links to is… very special.

    Its basically a racist sexist NWO conspiracy site.

  4. its gotta be satire ?

  5. They, FOX Noise, always have a bizarre animal story.

    It’s always inserted in-between coverage of the Iraq war and a story on gas prices. They are especially fond of stories about attacking kangaroos or attacking flocks of birds.

  6. Uh…..I keep my comment to the post 😉

    The Fox Propoganda Network has to dedicate a whole page to ms Paris. Even their loyal Kool-Aide drinkers are having a tough time believing the propaganda about Iraq and other doings of bushco. A distraction is their only hope.

  7. Last night I was without an internet connection, so I briefly watched tv. It seems that CNN is giving as much air time to Hilton as Fox, altho Fox upped the ante with Greta doing a long interview with Anna’s baby’s father. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two.

  8. 4. Craig, Possibly rather clever spam, even.
    5. Chris, who isn’t gravely concerned about violent geese and marsupials?
    6. D-Day, even such a blatant one? Wow. Talk about desperate!
    7. Mirth, but does CNN have a Paris Hilton center? No, of course not. Because Fox delivers fair and balanced news you can trust. Seriously though, yes, CNN can be just as bad. But they are still markedly better.

  9. […] 29, 2007 Fox News is not a news organization.  They mix in slices of current events into a hearty stew of entertainment and […]

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