Bush is a Conservative, and so is his Failure

Attempts to spin “real” conservatism away from Bush fall flat.  Glenn Greenwald has endeavored to masterfully strike down pundits with a battle tested approach:  Using their own words against them.  Here is a choice selection:

Jonah Goldberg, May 29, 2007 (Bush approval rating – 32%)

Bush, The Liberal [Jonah Goldberg] Richard Cohen discovers something some of us on the right have been saying for a while: if you hold your head just so and look at Bush from the right angle, he looks an awful lot like a liberal.

Jonah Goldberg, November 8, 2003 (Bush approval rating – 60%)

But it is now clear that Bush’s own son takes far more after his father’s old boss than he does his own father, at least politically speaking. From tax cuts (and deficits, alas), to his personal conviction on aborrtion (sic), to aligning America with the historical tide of liberty in the world, Georrge (sic) W. Bush has proved that he’s a Reaganite, not a “Bushie.” He may not be a natural heir to Reagan, but that’s the point. The party is all Reaganite now. What better sign that this is now truly and totally the Gipper’s Party than the obvious conversion of George Bush’s own son?

Bob Novak, March 26, 2007 (Bush approval rating – 32%):

With nearly two years remaining in his presidency, Bush is alone. In half a century, I have not seen a president so isolated from his own party in Congress — not Jimmy Carter, not even Richard Nixon as he faced impeachment.

Bob Novak, March 24, 2003 — (Bush approval rating – 65%):

[Bush is] a president who may be more basically conservative than Ronald Reagan.

Even his stance on immigration is quintessentially Republican.  It isn’t pro-immigrant in the slightest, it is pro corporation.  Republicans will sacrifice anything for another shot at lowering worker wages.

This is a narrative we need to strike down upon sight.  Any attempt to escape responsibility for the hell the Bush presidency represents should be vigorously thwarted.  (Emphasis Mine):

This fraud is as transparent as it is dishonest, yet there are signs that the media is nonetheless beginning to adopt this theme that there is some sort of epic and long-standing “Bush-conservative schism.” But very little effort is required to see what a fraud that storyline is.

Perhaps that is why we continue to see that storyline reflected in news articles across the country.  The media has a responsibility to rise above the rank of mouthpiece to the esteemed position of social critic and historical scribe:

The media’s function is not merely to pass on self-serving conservative propaganda but to report actual historical fact, to point out when such propaganda deviates from objective truth. The “conservative movement” now desperately trying to depict Bush as an anti-conservative vigorously argued the exact opposite for the last six years. No account of the conservative movement’s chicanery can be remotely accurate without prominently highlighting that fact. George Bush is tied irrevocably around the neck of the right-wing movement because they tied themselves to him when they thought doing so would be politically beneficial.

The fulfillment of conservative policy that George Bush represents is a painful reminder to all of us.  It is another reason to be proud to be a liberal and to work hard to ensure liberals are elected to public office.


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  1. Greemwald is a treasure.
    I’ve moderated my stance on the Dem candidates. I don’t think any of them are qualified to lead us out of the hole Bush&Co has shoved us into, but putting a Dem into the presidency is vital even if it requires a loosening of our ideals. Only with a less malevolent gov’t can we begin the work ahead, which I hope includes forming a more representative party. But that comes later. I pray for Gore, but even if Clinton is the final choice, I’ll support her.

  2. Darn these overworked fingers.
    Of course I meant Greenwald

  3. I hope for Gore too, and as much as it would churn my stomach, I’d support Clinton over the fascists any day.

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