Unite Church and State… Then What?

Let’s say the far right fundamentalists win over the reasonable and progressive.  Church and State become one.

The first question is, which Church?  Given the makeup of the far-right, we are looking at some kind of Christianity, most likely Protestantism.   Then what happens?

  1. Schools will teach the Christian Bible
  2. Abstinence only education
  3. Homosexuals:
    1. Will not be allowed to marry
    2. Or adopt
    3. Firing and hiring based on sexual orientation will be permitted
    4. Hate crimes will not cover those motivated by homophobia
    5. Homosexuality will be taught as deviant behavior
  4. Courts and other public building will put Christian religious symbols on display
  5. Abortion will be completely outlawed
  6. Laws governing sexual practice (anal, oral, sex toys, before marriage etc) will be reinstated
  7. More blue laws (shops and other businesses closed on Sunday)
  8. Evolution will disappear from some schools, and be taught with bias in others
  9. Some schools will drop any science that could be perceived as threatening to the Christian faith
  10. The official state religion will be worked into legal and public proceedings
  11. Books that question/insult Christianity would be banned
  12. Art that question or insult Christianity would be forbidden
  13. Television, Radio and the Internet would be heavily regulated to conform to Christian ideals purity

What else would happen?  Would we join a repressive book of the month club with countries like Iran?  Would the state sponsor evangelism and efforts to convert non believers?  Could foreign giving come with strings (let our missionaries in) or religious litmus tests?  Would there be overt religious litmus tests for certain jobs or public office?

Now imagine what living in this country would be like for Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Atheists, and others.

Would it still be America?


3 Responses

  1. It would be an ironic sort of hell.

  2. Will it still be America?

    No, it will be the Republic of Gilead.

  3. And yet reasonable people still support parts of the march towards theocracy. Seeing the whole is one step. The next would be looking at this country after 10 or 20 years of it.

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