Group of Men Torture Iraqi Girl to Death

I can’t sleep, and this isn’t helping.  Via Shut Up, Sit Down, a girl was dragged from her house and stoned to death.  I Blame the Patriarchy has the details:

I post the video here, not out of prurience, but because anyone who thinks men don’t hate you ought to see what happened to this teenage girl. They ought to hear the jeering of the mob of men who circled her like hyenas and tortured her to death. They ought to watch the flash of flip-phone videographers trying to capture the butchery for posterity. They ought to puke when confronted with the delusional, sociopathic depths to which any man can degenerate when indoctrinated, as all men are, by a culture of domination.

The Daily Mail and other reports title the story more or less like this: “Teenage girl was stoned to death for loving the wrong boy.” Implying that the girl, however much sympathy we have for her, nevertheless brought the savagery on herself.

Whereas it would be much more accurate to say “Mob of men tortured fellow human to death to engorge patriarchal godbag delusions.”

Our shared cultural notions of the immorality of sex before marriage, the value we place on virginity and purity in women (but not in men), and every fucking religious reference to the evil of “fornication” and adultery plays into this.  The idea that sex and love can be owned or bound by legal contract is so bound into our concept of self and society that violence like this is bound to erupt.  The only difference between this and the domestic abuse and murder that arises out of perceived “cheating” is the social aspect of the crime.  It arises from the same mentality.  That in some blood soaked alley of our collective consciousness, violence against women is somehow justified.

It is this justification we need to trace to its root and rip out of the ground.  It isn’t enough to simply say violence against women is vile and horrifying.  We need to stop it at the source.  In this specific case, a young girl ignored the strict sexual mores of her family by loving someone from a different religion.  However in general, we must acknowledge both the cause and the effect.  The cause is the idea that sex must be regulated, and that families and society have a right to regulate private sexual action.  This invites more than a call for keeping government out of the bedroom, but rather keeping religion and society out as well!  The perceived problem that needs to be “fixed” is “immoral” sexual behavior.  The idea that this is ever the domain of anyone but the consenting actors needs to be firmly left in the dusty dark ages of sexual regulation.

The effect is the use of violence to solve to “problem”.  Which leads us to both a practical and a moral imperative to avoid violence at all costs.  From the DailyMail:

It is feared her death has already triggered a retaliatory attack. Last week 23 Yezidi workmen were forced off a bus travelling from Mosulto Bashika by a group of Sunni gunmen and summarily shot dead.

In the fevered brains of the bastards who murdered the girl and the gunmen who retaliated, there is an utter lack in understanding one central concept.  “An eye for an eye” is not advice for legal judgment.  It is a dire warning.

Changing cultural attitudes towards sex, gender, and violence is not the abstract and plaintive call for political correctness.  It is an urgent call to address destructive social tendencies that lead to abuse, torture, and murder.


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  1. This is absolutely sickening. There is no God that would ever sanction such barbarism. Its when reading stories like this that I wonder what the fuck is wrong with us?

  2. Yeah, or how we can equate violence with anything other than the hell it produces. We are a pretty fucked up species sometimes.

  3. These deranged lunatics have sealed their fate. The crime is against humanity and threatens civilization. Women are not objects of sacrifice.

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