Mickey & Amelia: Spinning Gay Rights as Trivial

I was listening to Mickey and Amelia on 98 Rock this morning.  They were discussing the eHarmony lawsuit:

A lawsuit alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of Linda Carlson, who was denied access to eHarmony because she is gay.

The M & A show laughed the whole matter off, comparing the suit to walking into a dog store and demanding a cat.  The discrimination, they argued, was something companies should be allowed to do (via Oliver Willis):

Moderator: Governor Thompson, same theme. If a private employer finds homosexuality immoral, should he be allowed to fire a gay worker?Thompson: I think that is left up to the individual business. I really sincerely believe that that is an issue that business people have got to make their own determination as to whether or not they should be.

Moderator: OK. So the answer’s yes.

Thompson: Yes.

How is that even logical let alone legal? Tommy Thompson just seems to have endorsed discrimination. As far as I know firing someone simply for their sexual orientation is not legal – and certainly not moral. I’d like to see the media ask the rest of the field this question – and particularly if the Republicans agree with fellow GOPer Tommy Thompson.

I’d throw the same question back to Mickey and Amelia.  Why should companies be allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation?

The company said the allegations of discrimination against gays were false and reckless.

“The research that eHarmony has developed, through years of research, to match couples has been based on traits and personality patterns of successful heterosexual marriages,” it said in a statement.

This isn’t like walking into a dog store and asking for a cat.  Its like walking into a supermarket and being told to leave because “We’ve only done research on how to feed white people.”.

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