UMass is Going to Honor Andrew Card

This is going to happen.

What we need to do is show our strong dissent, and combat efforts to whitewash Card’s record, and by extension, the administration’s.  If you are going to be in the Amherst area tomorrow afternoon, join in the protest.

Also, it appears chancellor Lombardihas been sacked, so emails or letters to him will not be so effective.

Written letters to the Board of Trustees will be.

Here are names and contact info:

UMass Board of Trustees
225 Franklin St., 12th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
617 287-7005

Write in to your local paper and on your blog, and help the voice of dissent come out swinging on this one.  It is the post honorary degree coverage we need to worry about now.  The damage to the reputation of the University and its community has already been done.  However we can help reverse it.

Check BlueMassGroup and the Graduate Student Senate’s anti-Card site for updates.  The current University President and the Board are not building a future University that adheres to its land-grant mission.  A no confidence vote from the faculty senate is no small matter.  Add your voice to theirs.

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