The Cost of Misguided War

This should hammer the cost of the war with finality.

The war in Iraq is helping the terrorists financially (LA Times via Hullabaloo):

Little more than a year ago, Al Qaeda’s core command was thought to be in a financial crunch. But U.S. officials said cash shipped from Iraq has eased those troubles.

“Iraq is a big moneymaker for them,” said a senior U.S. counter-terrorism official.

Every right wing and “moderate” blow hard who advocated this war, or helped fabricate a connection between Hussein and Al Qaeda helped get us into this mess.  Those leftwing “surrender monkeys” who wanted to prosecute a focused response to the criminals who attacked us were right.  Period.


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  1. I agree completely. Because of this regime and it’s supporters, the world is a tinderbox and we are dramatically more vulnerable to attack than at any time in our history. Until we citizens demand that our leaders use ways other than force to settle disputes, this danger will only grow.

  2. I’m beginning to believe this is what the neo’s wanted. You can’t have a boogey man to scare the public with (thus assuring your continuation of power) if the boogeyman can’t every so often rear it’s head.

  3. Too bad the wussy Dems can’t figure out how to stand up to this Texas dimestore cowboy and cut the funding for the Iraq war.

    The current Democratic leadership is the most pathetic and the weakest I have ever encountered and Pelosi and Reid should step aside and let others take their places.

  4. Mirth, our citizens are demanding we at least remove ourselves from Iraq, and I don’t see the decision makers listening. We do need to demand alternatives to military force, but we must somehow find a way to ensure our basic demands of an end to this war are met. I reluctantly agree with Chris’s sentiment. The current Dem leaders are indeed being weak and pathetic on the war right now. That is not why we worked to give them a majority in Congress.

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