2008: What is at Stake

I was talking with my Dad this morning about the 2008 elections, and the formative national events of the past several years.  He made an excellent point.

The Bush administration has planned and executed every action to further their own power.  They have crossed ethical and constitutional lines with no regard for the human consequences.  They have a certain directness to their deeds that would make Machiavelli blush.

This is why it is vital that we understand fully the implications of a Republican win in 2008.  It will be seen as a validation of the means and ends of the Bush neoconservatives.  A Republican president will commence a direct attack on our freedom, our way of self governance, and our identity as Americans.  What could possibly stop him?

We need investigations, indictments, and a Democratic win in 2008.  We need to show ourselves, and the world, that the consequences for abusing power include the losing power.  On top of the criminal repercussions we need a sharp political fine for everything the Bush administration and their Republican allies have done to this country.

What is at stake is our future as a Democracy.


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  1. Every single candidate, especially McCain and Guilliani would continue the trend, more power for them, more trampling of rights for the rest of us. Thats what is as stake.

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious, because while it is obvious their still to many out there that remain oblivious. The think that it will end with George leaving the WH. Oh no, it will end when people speak up and end it.

  2. There WILL be a democratic win in 2008, dammit!

  3. Hell Yes Emily! And we will work hard to secure it!

    Rafael, they definitely would. I do not think this is even remotely obvious to many. Without harsh penalties on Bush and all his co-conspirators, a Dem win in 2008 will just provide breathing room before the next Republican assault.

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