Happy National Impeach Day!

Today is national impeach day.

Via the astoundingly awesome Mirth:

On Saturday, April 28th, tens of thousands of Americans will be making their voices heard by putting the word IMPEACH! in front of the public eye.

As her most excellent co-hort D-Day noted yesterday:

Tomorrow is the day to get out your signs and if you can, attend a rally. (As Mirth posted about 9 days ago) April 28 is a day of Nationwide Impeachment Actions. Patriots from across the country are gathering where they can or posting signs calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. I hope all our readers can take part in some way.

In this link, you can find info about group actions taking place (hopefully in a city near you!). Use the interactive map approximately half way down the page to find out when and where people will be gathering (there’s contact info too).

If you cannot get out today, put up a sign tomorrow.  Or wait a week, and replace a sign that has been torn down with a new one.  Use the link to get contact info, and find out what’s next.  National Impeach Day is an invitation to action and involvement, and its open to everyone!  Bring your friends and speak up and out!


2 Responses

  1. There’s plenty of that ‘astoundly awesome’ around…throw some of it onto yourself, Mister Fitness. You deserve it.

    I didn’t go on a freeway today, but I did go for a walk where there were lots of other walkers and my IMPEACH!, in neon letters, was pinned to my UV-protection shirt back. I didn’t see any others, but i got a lot of smiles and Hell Yeah! and thumbsup.

    Do you think we’ll see any of today’s IMPEACH! actions on da nuz?

  2. Aw shucks.

    There seems to be some cursory mention, but it looks like the AP is focusing on those arrested in DC for protesting.

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