You Know Me and My Temper…

Toby Keith is a sick fuck.  From Jessica at Feministing:

This video, “A Little Too Late,” features Toby Keith singing to this tied-to-a-chair-in-the-basement-girlfriend. He threatens her with a shovel, then it looks like he’s going to drown her, or maybe bury her alive. It’s fucking sick and scary.

It was nominated for Best Video at the Country Music Television Awards. Nice, huh?

Via Fun with Feminism.

In the video, he ends up cantervilling himself.  He calls out to his wife.

You know me and my temper baby.  I didn’t mean anything by that honey, I just kinda snapped.

Cause that language doesn’t evoke domestic abuse at all.  Nope, not one bit.  From the video it is clear Toby’s character wanted to terrorize his victim and then her bury alive.

Oh, and don’t forget this classy line:

Can’t you take a joke?

I wonder if that line was addressed to his audience.  Because murder and domestic abuse are almost as funny as rape, aren’t they?

The country music television awards think so anyway.  Maybe because he was going to kill her for cheating, that made it ok in their eyes?

There is a lot about this video that is disturbing.  The woman is made to fear for her life while Toby tortures her psychologically.  But it is those last few damn lines…  Look at the way he delivers them.  His body language is contrite but in the “johnny just played a practical joke” kind of way.  His character’s tone resonates with that of the video in those last seconds.  He was just “joking”.  It makes the abuser character out to look like “just a guy”.

This video normalizes domestic violence as an understandable response to cheating, and it normalizes the excuses.

According to the CMT Music Awards site, Jeff Foxworthy is hosting for his third year, and it is returning to the “The Curb Event Center” at Belmont University.  It is presented by Verizon Wireless.

We can be heardWe can spocko Keith and the CMTA.


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