I am breaking up with Chuck Norris!

Dear Chuck,

Our love affair is over man.  OVER.  I didn’t want to believe it at first.  Then it just slapped me in the face.  From your post on WND via Amanda (emphasis hers):

I believe those who wield the baton of the secular progressive agenda bear significant responsibility for the escalation of school shootings.

Blaming the “secular progressive agenda” (in baton form, no less) is fucking bullshit man.  None of your movies or fine literature can possibly make up for this.  Not even your action jeans.

We teach our children they are nothing more than glorified apes, yet we don’t expect them to act like monkeys. We place our value in things, yet expect our children to value people. We disrespect one another, but expect our children to respect others. We terminate children in the womb, but are surprised when children outside the womb terminate other children. We push God to the side, but expect our children to be godly. We’ve abandoned moral absolutes, yet expect our children to obey the universal commandment, ”Thou shalt not murder.”

A student with mental issues got a gun because of a fucking loophole in Virginia gun law.  He then killed people.  This isn’t about bringing religion back into our schools, our laws, and our government.

You might as well join the assholes who crawled out of the woodwork and blamed this on evolution.  Really Chuck, “nothing more than glorified apes”?  Just because we evolved does not mean humanity is thrown to the wind.  Or did everyone who actually passed freshman biology at your high school go on to kill classmates in college?  Do states with abortion have rampant child murder?

Perhaps we ought to look at how we alienate kids in this country.  Certainly looking at how we value people is always a good move, but it is clearly not the reason for the killing.  If we are raising our children so obviously incorrectly, why aren’t they all indulging in an endless orgy of violence?  Why aren’t kids killing kids in mass numbers every fucking day?  Could it be that those “secular progressive” values you shake your fist at are not to blame?

Perhaps we shouldn’t lose what’s left of our heads and blame the political opposition for a tragedy.

Best Regards,



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  1. Oh man… How can you hate chuck norris? Are you sick in the head? kidding of course, although his action jeans are very intense!

    I will not agree with him. Its a very complex issue. And pointing the finger at one thing is very dangerous. There are so many things that caused this horrible tragedy and I agree with your assesment.
    Post Modernism I believe can be blamed on a very low extent. I AM NOT SAYING POMO CAUSED IT… only it could have played a role. Abbandoning aboslutes as POMO does, and creating a completely relative word is inviting this. He missed the boat by saying secular progressives, and made a totally inflamatory statement.

    I agree with you assesment Dan,

    And your alienation of kids is a great point. Instead of blaming the schools, and consolers, how about the parents? Consulars have mabye 50 kids just like him, all with chronic depression or another condition. However his parents lived only miles from him. I believe in some senses it is there responsibilty to get treatment for their child. No matter how much anyone says the parents could not have seen it. If can read body language at all you can tell the mental condition of such a troubled youth. Its so clear when someone is so troubled and foriegn to the world.

    Sorry for the quick rant…. I used to get my anger out by blasting the brains of noobs into kindom come playing Halo, now I blog!

  2. Oh goodness Chuck. These are the kind of statements that cause people to generalize Christians as non-sensical, irrational, illlogical, people out to blame everyone for the worlds problems.

    This is sad. 😦
    josh, i do agree with your point about POMO having some influence. but come on Chuck, use your head.

  3. Indeed they are Zasz. That book review is almost unduly hilarious.

    And pointing the finger at one thing is very dangerous. There are so many things that caused this horrible tragedy

    Right on. I agree completely.

    I don’t recall ever having been taught to abandon absolutes, and I was raised in Massachusetts! I don’t think there is any blame there.

    And your alienation of kids is a great point.

    Heh. Oh I agree, but pleeease rephrase just slightly.

    Parents can easily miss warning signs. Jumping in to blame the parents doesn’t cut it either. I think your original point was best, in that pointing the finger is dangerous.

    Andrew, I don’t think anyone uses Chuck Norris to generalize any group of people. Could this be a silver lining?

  4. Oh no, thats not what I meant Dan. I was more focusing on what he said not who he is. His argument is flawed and not good at all and because he is tied to the Christian faith people will often grab onto that fact and run with it, labeling Christians as irrational and what not because of one person’s thoughts. To alot of people it will just add to the list of other nonsensical statements they have heard from other “Christians” and cause them to think that all Christians think like that.

    I merely ment that his comment will not help in establishing that there are Christians in this world that think and use logic and reason.

  5. I know Andrew, and that is quite unfortunate. I was simply drawing attention to the fact that most people will consider his words singular. What is hurtful is that they echo a number of other fundamentalists.

    We absolutely need more Christians who think and use logic and reason to have more play in the public discourse!

  6. Norris is a winger. Nuff said.

  7. Yea, your right Dan. I agree.

  8. You are forgetting the 11th commandment

    “thou shalt not diss chuck”

  9. Unless thou art Bruce Lee?

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