Got Habeas?

Remember Habeas Corpus?  That foundational right of ours?

The folks at the ACLU are trying to get it back (Via McJoan at DailyKos):

The ad campaign, and the cartoon figure are part of an important intiative launced by the ACLU last week supporting its lobbying on restoring the right of habeas corpus gutted by the Military Commissions Act.

From the blog itself (via McJoan):

Remember, what is habeas corpus, the only ancient common law writ enshrined in the Constitution? It is nothing less than the last resort for those for whom the system has gone haywire. It is the primary bulwark against arbitrary executive detention. It is an integral feature of our dare-I-say-sacred system of checks and balances. It says to the president: “sure, lock these folks up and throw away the key, but we’re going to have independent courts looking over your shoulder, keeping you honest.”

In short, it’s heady stuff—it’s life and death. We won’t ever forget that.

Here is the link to the blog, and here is their take action page.

This online campaign will be a part of the ACLU’s regular lobbying efforts, which are going to include a massive citizen’s lobbying campaign in June. The RSS feed is here. It provides code for a button to put on your own sites and is asking that My Space members make Mr. Habeas their friend.

When Habeas Corpus dies, as Mr. Keith Olberman observed, the bill of rights becomes meaningless.

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