War, Lies, and Videotapes

Via Lindsay (Majikthise), golden boy Petraeus wants to rev up the old propaganda machine:

Don’t look now, but that universally beloved and clever General Petraeus wants to let the military lie to Americans the way they lie to foreigners.

Currently, the military maintains a firewall between “public affairs” and “information operations.” The former is PR and media relations for American, the latter involves deception overseas

Last month, Petraeus sent a memo to the Pentagon asking that the internal firewall be dissolved. The DOD says they’re developing a new policy.

Maybe then our war with East Asia will finally start yielding victorious results for our Empire. The funny thing is, in addition to planting blatantly false pr pieces crafted for the purpose, the military already lies to US citizens. The Huffington Post has a lot of links regarding the exploitation of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch and the military’s role. The military confirmed that it staged the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue.

Given what they have already gotten away with domestically, exactly what is Petraeus planning?

Why does a US General think there is a pressing need to lie to the American public?

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