Help Small Publishers

From Amanda at Pandagon, in its entirety:

Missed my posting window this morning—had to take my sister to the airport. Still, I’d like to beseech everyone to sign this petition against a rate hike on postage only for smaller magazines. It’s blatant racketeering-by-government to run smaller publications out of business and out of competition with big ones like Time Warner (who proposed the bill). The federal government is supposed to represent the interests of the people, not corporations, and break up monopolies, not aid their formation. So, please sign it and protest against the federal-corporate attempts to shut down our free press with a thousand cuts.

Please spread this around (and be sure to link to the petition).

If you hate corporate lobbying and dig competition and private enterprise, chime in.

There is no reason big media companies need another leg up on competition from small and independent publishers.

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