China and Human Rights

avoiceofreason asked that this be spread around.  Apparently China has forced 61 women to have abortions.


This is something both sides of the abortion debate stateside can agree on 100%.  This is beyond heinous.

Please pass this post around, while I have no doubt that the commercial interests our nation has with China will preclude Congress from any action, even a whisper of this on the House or Senate floor, perhaps awareness could be raised. I am posting this on all political tags, and who knows, maybe a candidate will have the guts to mention this horrific practice and make this an issue.

Where are the Presidential candidates on this issue?  Why haven’t McCain and Obana, Hillary and Giuliani, Romney and Edwards spoken out about this?  On their record on human rights?  Why does no one make an issue of Tibet?

We’ve given China most favored nation status, and we’ve worked with them on the North Korea standoff.  We can trade with and befriend any nation, but that does not mean we need to be silent.

I’d like to hear what the people who would lead our nation beyond 2009 have to say on this.

I think it would be revealing.


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  1. I agree. Just because we have given China ‘most favored nation status’, does not mean that we cannot repeal it. I really do not subscribe to us telling other countries what to do, but there is a limit or a standard that should be universal where human rights are concerned.

  2. Thank you for the ping and spreading the word.
    This is an issue I think that all Americans can agree on.

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