Political Limbo for the Church?

The Catholic Church recently axed Limbo (emphasis mine):

“People find it increasingly difficult to accept that God is just and merciful if he excludes infants, who have no personal sins, from eternal happiness, whether they are Christian or non-Christian,” the document said.

It said the study was made all the more pressing because “the number of nonbaptised infants has grown considerably, and therefore the reflection on the possibility of salvation for these infants has become urgent.”

I’m taking a look at the language here, and the conclusions are a bit troublesome.  The first part suggests this was a response to political and religious pressure.  A bit of religious PR.  That can be see as both a good and bad thing I suppose.  The second part is what really gets to me.  Why should an increase in the number of nonbaptised infants change the urgency of what is essentially a moral conundrum?  If one believes that a just God would not condemn the sinless to eternity in limbo, why would the number of those condemned make or break this as an issue for the Church?  The reason that leapt of the page at me was simple pressure.  The more infants believed to be in limbo, the more parents and relatives pressuring the Church.

Now I like the idea of any religious body being responsive to its members,  and changing to keep up with the times.  Its just that moves like this (and the reasoning offered) suggest larger religious entities are essentially political in nature.  Change the wording around a little, and you could be looking at a press release for Monsanto about GM crops.

Regardless, this was a wonderful move, and I feel very happy for the Catholics who previously suffered with this belief who may now find solace and relief in findings of the Church’s Theological Commission.


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  1. I’m wholly in favor of this… babies are damned adorable, not adorably damned!

  2. limbo??….was anyone dead for a while and came back to life and was in heaven, hell or limbo….the fact is that no one knows for sure…the catholic church has been telling us for years what to believe in…all i see is a bunch of child molesters with other child molesters trying to hide the truth from everyone…take this from me a product of 12 years of catholic school…nuns and priest are nothing but selfish SOB’s who pretend they are good and the rest of us are evil…who is to say they are the ones who bring us the word of god….can anyone call the pope??…no he is sitting somewhere and has someone kissing his ring as a sign of servitud…lol…who know why they do that…but the truth is that if jesus was the son of god he was a simple man not like the catholic priest live or the vatican lives….ok and here is the thing that the nuns at school would fight with me about….if the 10 commandments say that we should not bow down to any figures or objects why do we have saints…those are figures….please if you have your kids in catholic schools why do you have to donate to the church to save on school tuition????….i am VERY HAPPY NOT BEING CATHOLIC NOW.!!!!!

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