Supreme Court Aborts Women’s Right to Life

They used a majority opinion. I’ve been reading over a number of really good posts on the ruling. Amanda at Pandagon. Ann at Feministing. Zuzu at Feministe. Bitch Ph.D. Magpie at Pacific Views.

This one post by wiscmass at Daily Kos really struck me: (via dilletanteville, emphasis mine):

Republicans like to talk about abortion as a right-to-life issue and as a family values issue. What of my mother’s right not to die for the sake of a child that might not survive? What of the right of my father not to sacrifice his wife to the private religious agenda of male politicians in Washington? What of the right of my sisters and I to grow up with our mother? What of the right of God-only-knows how many other families not to be devastated by the unnecessary death of a loved one? What of the family value of not depriving children of their mother? What of the horrific long-term effects of such losses, not just on the family but on society as a whole?

I thank God every day that my parents had the good sense to do what was medically necessary to save Mom’s life, and that Mom’s doctors were capable of performing the necessary procedure. I mourn for all the families who will lose their mothers, sisters, daughters, and partners because of this insanity.

This is more than an enormous and dangerous fuck you to women. It is a giant step towards reversing Roe vs. Wade. It is a return on the investment Bush put into nominating Alito and Roberts. It is an invitation to states that have previously shied away from more stringent anti-choice laws to reconsider.

Expect more to come.

Vanessa at Feministing has info on a New York rally. Check the comments for more cities.

UPDATE: via Sven in the comments:

Here is a link to Planned Parenthoods petition to fight this:
click here


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  1. here here!

    GW and his good ole boys have pressed ever closer to their goal of overturning Roe v. Wade.

    Here is a link to Planned Parenthoods petition to fight this:
    click here

  2. Many years ago I remember reading how the so-called Right to Life movement intended to attack and ultimately reverse, Roe.

    They said (and I’m paraphrasing here) they would widdle away at the edges of a woman’s right to choose, one state at a time and ultimately help get the SCOTUS stacked with a wingnut majority.

    It would appear, their strategy has worked quite well. The next step will be an outright challenge to Roe. If they’re successful, women’s right will be returned to the 1950’s.

  3. Thanks for the link Sven!

    Christopher, I think they need a few more steps before the outright challenge. I may be too optimistic, but then again South Dakota’s ban was recently rejected.

    But this is definitely a worrying step backwards for the rest of us. I still can’t get over the lack of an exception for health.

  4. Fitness,

    They’ve been effective in virtually eliminating access to abortion in a number of states. Doctors who perform the procedure are literally run out of town.

    I remember hearing my mother and her friends talk about what things we like for them pre-Roe. There’s a very solid reason why they fought so long and hard for control over their reproductive rights.

    All I know is, if Scalia retires before Bush is out of office and able to nominate another winger ideologue, I fully expect Roe will be challenged and overturned.

    Hello 1950.

  5. Yes, let’s hope Scalia does not retire. As for Roe v Wade being overturned, hello 1960s and revolution. I do not think this country would accept something like that lying down.

    At least I like to think that when I pretend to be an optimist.

  6. The latest ruling in the Supreme Court has been to outlaw partial-birth abortions which I hope you are against. Maybe you are for a woman’s right to choose, but I hope you find it morally incorrect to kill a newborn. As for this “insanity” that we Christians have been blamed for creating you are greatly mistaken. We all believe that abortion is wrong on ALL counts, however, we do not say “Let the mother die while the baby dies also.” Our logic goes something like this;
    Do whatever you can to save BOTH lives, but DO NOT lose both lives.
    We believe that you should do what you can to save both lives but in many cases this is not possible. Still this does not mean abortion is the answer.
    Even though you cannot see it, the baby is alive. From the very moment of conception there is life in the womb of that mother.
    I don’t judge those who have abortions, their mistakes are no different from mine. But those who I know who have had them have felt guilty the rest of their lives.

  7. I am absolutely for choice, especially given the nature of the abortion. Late term abortions are not made lightly! The Supreme Court ruling gives no exception for the health of the woman. This is the insanity we refer to.

    Anecdotal evidence about abortions doesn’t quite cut it. As for guilt, of course. Our society calls women who have abortion sluts and baby-killers. It must be pretty damn hard not to internalize that.

    You are asking me to take a leap of faith about the life of the fetus. I am saying it must be grounded in science. Otherwise, what is to stop anyone from saying their faith says life starts at a different point?

    I do believe firmly in doing what we can to reduce the number of abortions. But throwing a court ruling in between a woman, a doctor, and her health/life is not just.

  8. isn’t it interesting how the pro-lifers are not so pro-parent’s life…wtf!

    does anyone else see the irony here?

    they pitch a flag in the right to life, moral high ground, only to force war on America’s youth and deny health care to millions.

    i don’t know about you, but i’m willing to fight for a woman’s freedom to choose. hopefully i will never need to debate this with the supreme court as my wife is slowing loosing consciousness.

  9. I hope no one has to enter that debate Sven.
    The irony is as clear as it is tragic. Only those making the faulty and inconsistent argument fail to see it.

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