Stand Against Theocracy

The blog against theocracy was a rousing success.  (I participated with three posts: here, here, and here).

Blue Gal has some advice on next steps:

The folks at First Freedom First (not a sponsor, just a support) have some good advice for those bloggers who want to continue the fight:

1. MOST IMPORTANTLY, continue posting about the importance of church-state separation.

2. Go to the resource page of the FFF web site for free banners and sidebar badges for your blog. The code works, people. Coooode.

3. You can click on the volunteer sign-up page, and join FFF (you’ll meet cool people, and even some fellow bloggers) if they are tabling in your area.

4. You can continue to urge everyone you know to sign the petition in support of safeguarding separation of church and state, and protecting religious liberty.

Continue to post!  Standing against theocracy means staring down attempts by fundamentalist religion to take over our government.  It also means affirming our rights to practice or not practice as we see fit.

Also check out the volunteer page.  It is a great way to participate and meet allies.

We’ll be back again next year. It seems a near universal opinion that this is the way the blogosphere will commemorate Easter weekend. On behalf of me and my fellow co-conspirators (see sidebar) thank you for the overwhelming show of support. Thomas Jefferson would be proud.

So would Thomas Paine.

It was an honor and a pleasure to take part, and will continue to be one with every new post.  Let’s continue to support the Bill of Rights and keep Church and State separate!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;


7 Responses

  1. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

    Does that mean that fundamentalism cannot be part of the process of making those laws?

  2. Zasz,
    How exactly are you imagining fundamentalism might play a role in the process itself? Do you mean using religion to exert political pressure? Do you mean holding fundamentalist beliefs? Expressing those beliefs? Validating those beliefs based on the content of the bill?

  3. I mean holding fundamentalist beliefs. It is fine and well to hold a belief system. That religous freedom is a cornerstone of our government. Blogging agaisnt theocracy is un American. You can blog for Seperation of Church and State. However the office holders of our government can let religion influence their decisions. Just because religion influenced the decision doesnt mean it condones that religion. If you try to never pass a law that aligns with a belief you could never pass a law. What I am trying to say is Theocracy isn’t bad in our government, nor is any other belief system, within reason. Singleling out Theocracy is attacing the very thing you are trying to protect, religious freedom.

  4. Zasz,
    I’m not sure you understand what a Theocracy is.
    From the free dictionary:
    “A government ruled by or subject to religious authority.”

    So the more of our laws that are based in or subject to religious authority, the closer we come to becoming a theocracy.

    Theocracy is not Religion.

    It is the very opposite of religious freedom. It is government sanctioned/initiated religious obedience.

    Blogging against theocracy is American to the core. After all, separation of Church and State and a strong affirmation of religious freedom are most definitely cornerstones of our country, just as you recognize.

  5. Oh man I feel like a complete idiot… It is late and I just wrote an essay. I meant theology, i confused the two. Well now that you beat me down. Yes I understand both, and have been reading your blog and realized your intelligence and i was wondering why you were blogging against “theology” Yes i totally agree with you. Our government seperates church and state and Christian lawmaking is unconstitutional. I am a christian and wouldn’t mind a few pro-christian laws. However I will not support these are they are against the American way and against the Constiution.

  6. Heh, no worries. It is late/early.
    Yeah, I’d never blog against theology (that *would* be curious). Theology is quite nifty. (Ditto philosophy of religion).
    And thanks!

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