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Via Liberally Mirth:

On Saturday, April 28th, tens of thousands of Americans will be making their voices heard by putting the word IMPEACH! in front of the public eye. Along with demonstrations and media events around the country, it’s going to be up to us freewaybloggers to really get the message out. Freewayblogging, as you know, is the simple art of placing text in front of traffic in such a way as to maximize the number of people who see it.

Remember that when all those flags went up on overpasses after 9/11 they established a legal precedent to use freeways for the expression of free political speech, and it’s time we started using it. A single sign placed next to a major freeway can be seen by 200,000 people a day and remain up for days before it comes down: ten signs placed next to a couple different freeways can be seen by over a million people. easily, before they come down.

For complete info on the A28 nationwide impeachment actions, click here.

For more details on signmaking and posting go here:

And here: (type “arsenal” into the search box for tips)

Mirth note: If you aren’t near a freeway, any ol’ road will do.

Be heard!  This is low cost and high impact.

It is also heartening to look up and see a peace sign floating gracefully above the interstate.

Put an American Flag next to the sign (or make it a part of it).  This is, after all, an act of patriotism.

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