Keeping Immigrants Out of America

Politicians do dumb things.  Like restricting family sponsorship as a means of immigration (via Sheezlebub at Pandagon):

Angry Asian Man has a post up about a particularly odious proposal that echoes the Chinese Exclusion Act. If it was introduced as a bill and passed as a law, it would take away the right of legal immigrants to sponsor relatives to come here. This is how many Asian families come here.

I get the whole “but they are entering the country illegally!” argument when it gets thrown up in defense of some of the wilder anti-immigration policies and proposals.  I disagree, but at least the opposition is trying to make an argument.

How is this anything but purely anti-immigrant?  Its like the entire Republican party took a vacation from writing real laws, and decided there were just too many legal immigrants.

From the article:

The document containing “a set of principles” for immigration reform drafted by key Republican Congressional representatives was circulated in Washington last week.

Advocates also criticize the penalty fees proposed by the draft White House plan, which would require undocumented immigrants to pay $3,500 fines and other fees every three years in order to stay in the United States.

Oh.  Ok.  No documents?  No problem! (you are rich, right?).  Kind of goes along with the whole uneven approach to immigration this country has been taking.  America seems to be fine with making money off immigrants, just not the whole “letting them stay here” part of it.
From the post (emphasis mine):

I realize it’s not even a bill introduced into Congress yet, however, we need to make our displeasure known before that happens. As these things pick up steam, they get harder to oppose.

You can get the White House number, or send an email, at the Asian American Justice Center site.

Let’s oppose this nonsense before it gains any traction at all.

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