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Starting off a post with an iconic reference to one of my favorite rhetoricians can’t help but usher in the awesome.

Nezua does not dissapoint:  This Camera Kills Fascists:

FROM RODNEY KING TO MISTER MACACA TO UCLA cops tasering students to the cold-blooded shooting of Elio Carrion to PuppetBush’s Seven Minutes of Inaction as well as countless other examples—video has brought us the truth that the ruling class and their Ganglords (la chota) and all their agents work so hard to keep from our awareness.

When it comes to real fascism there is always an attack on the flow of information.  Like the restriction of photos of coffins from the war in Iraq.  Or the political activities of the current administration:

Democrats say evidence suggests the RNC e-mail system was used for political and government policy matters in violation of federal record preservation and disclosure rules.

In addition, Democrats point to a handful of e-mails obtained through ongoing inquiries suggesting the system may have been used to conceal such activities as contacts with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who was convicted on bribery charges and is now in prison for fraud.

Democratic congressional investigators are beginning to demand access to this RNC-White House communications system, which was used not only by Rove’s office but by several top officials elsewhere in the White House.

To expose ugly truths and remind us of sacred obligations directly counter the fascist offensive.  This provides another more sinister view of efforts to bring anti-rational beliefs like creationism into the schools, and to defund and vilify public schools.  There is a strong political motive for creating a nation of ignorant consumers, and doing everything one can to stop a nation of intelligent and critical citizens from emerging.

What can we do?  Keep talking!  You are a machine that kills fascists!

Start a political debate at work.  Don’t be afraid of your own views and hold them up proudly.  Talk to people about their political beliefs.  Ask.  Then listen.  Just getting someone to admit they care about a single issue is an incredible victory.  Speak when you are not spoken to.  Whether we are in the right place with a camera or in the wrong place with nothing but our voice, we can fight back.

How do we kill fascists?  By spreading information where it is restricted, bullied, and buried under fear and ignorance.  The light of reason can be like water.  With our help it can illuminate the darkest valleys and descend to the deepest reaches.  There is nothing we cannot reveal.


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