Supreme Court on Global Warming: Hit and Miss

The Supreme Court has done a wonderful thing in requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to protect the Environment.

However the language used in the majority opinion leaves a little to be desired:

As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes noted, “… the State has an interest independent of and behind the titles of its citizens, in all the earth and air within its domain. It has the last word as to whether its mountains shall be stripped of their forests and its inhabitants shall breathe pure air.”

Is it just me or is it kind of creepy that the State enjoys the last word on whether “its inhabitants shall breathe pure air”.  So the State could, at its pleasure, choose to suffocate us?

Perhaps a better way to phrase this would have been that the State has an obligation to protect the rights of its citizens, and that protecting the health of the environment plays an essential role.

There’s no need to assign the State Vader powers to acknowledge its vital role in protecting the environment.

Here is a link to the full opinion.


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  1. State Vader powers is a crack-up, but I get your point and agree.

  2. Wow, I hadn’t interpreted that sentence in quite that way before. Totally creepy.

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