MC Newt: Spanish, Tele-Prompters and You

Newt is awesome en espanol:

Seriously. For me, it’s another MC Rove moment watchin this foo’ read from the prompter. Ugh. Using Spanish to sucker the Spanish-speaking.

And dig the unspoken message: I can learn Spanish in a few weeks; you can learn English just as easily so stop being lazy and dumb.

Clearly, the great honorable Newt is just advocating language tele-prompters in all of our schools.  So everyone can learn a new language as gloriously fast and completely as Newt himself.

But let’s take an “on-message moment” and look at his visual rhetoric.  His personal intellectual branding.

The glasses, titled head, and bookshelf background all say “Hey, I’m a serious scholar”.  A scholar who believes in glorious tele-prompters for all.  Finally an endearing real-conservative.  The kind Republicans have been saying the voters rejecting the Republicans in November ’06 for.

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