McCain: Counting Sweet Jewy Jews

The thing about Jews is, well, you’ve got to count them.  They just keep getting Jewier and Jewier!


I can’t think of a more clueless hiring decision, but since when has walk in the park McCain been the most clued in cat?

the McCain campaign’s press release “left out an interesting piece of Malek’s history: when he counted Jews for President Richard Nixon.” As Corn reported, Nixon suspected that a “cabal” of Jews at the Bureau of Labor Statistics was skewing economic figures to make the administration look bad and assigned Malek to report back on how many Jews were employed at BLS.

It’s funny, because Jews are frequently seen in flocks, not cabals (unless in shadowy government organizations).

Racism is never intellectually pretty, but damn there is some choice stupid involved here:

When former President George H.W. Bush hired Malek as a top official at the Republican National Committee (RNC) in 1988, revelations in the press regarding Malek’s work for Nixon reportedly led him to resign. McCain’s hiring of Malek would seem to warrant the same disclosures from the media, but so far, only one news outlet other than The Nation has reported it.

Of course not.  This is brilliant if you think about it.  You see, McCain is already acknowledged as being utterly batshit crazy.  Him hiring Malek thus makes perfect brilliant sense.  Now if you will excuse the Senator, he has plans (plans!!!) to be seen to.

It’s like the Republicans are scrambling past Reagan to get to Nixon’s legacy.

(If there was actual media coverage of this, I’d say it was a mad attempt to push attention away from his reality issues and really crappy fundraising).  Perhaps it is part of his effort to re-launch his campaign:

Said campaign finance chairman Tom Loeffler: “This is clearly a moment in the campaign that says, ‘Hello? Wake up!’ It’s not a time to jog anymore. It’s a time to sprint in the fundraising efforts. We have learned the political fundraising realities of 2007, and we are making the proper adjustments.”

You got that people?  Less jogging!  More fundraising!  (Well, maybe a little jogging wouldn’t hurt) (emphasis mine):

And in this state where he claimed his biggest victory the last time he ran, many Republicans see him as old, tired or too willing to bow down to an unpopular president or to his onetime foils, such as Christian conservative leaders.

Even his projected image is flip-flopping.

I’m not sure why the media insists of continuing to count him as a front-runner.

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